In the Kodar mountains of northeast Varisia lies the small town of Westmill. Like most of Avistan around them on the 25th day of Kuthona they celebrate the winter equinox, a day they call christmas, celebrating that they have come half way through the darkness of winter. The day is marked by banquet, gift giving, lights, and cheer. The night before they set up a tree, a local druid calls forth his magic in the village square erecting a 20ft. tall pine. Then the local mage prestidigitatises ornaments and lights. The villagers surround this tree hand in hand and sing until sunset when they return to their homes all fall into a fast sleep.

“And thats when we’ll strike,” the voice of king Galliwix rings out. “We will steel christmas, who is with me.” And with that ten goblins jump to the challenge. “No, no, no, this is too many, only room in the slay for 5” Cries the king holding up 6 fingers. “We will need to decide quickly. I know we hold games, goblin games. Goblins who win games get to come, and goblins that lose games… lose”

A competition of speed

“The first game is a race. Goblins who come must be fast. So you will race to wintersleeeperhoneyeater’s cave and bring me back some of his fur. You will go across the rickety bridge and up slippery rock then into wintersleeperhoneyeater’s cave to grab some fur. Then come back though the bramble wood and along the old game trail. First goblin to bring me his fur wins.”

A competition of Stealth

“The second game is a sneaking’ one. Goblins who come with me must be sneaky, we don’t need those longshanks forming a goblin killing mob. They can’t know we was there. So I’m going to go out into the forest. You have to get to me before I sees you if you do you win, If you don’t I make you hurt. You will start from this spot in the order that you won the race.”

A competition of strength

“The third game is wrestling. Goblins who come must be strong and able to beat down other people. We put you in pairs and you wrestle each other until one person wins. Then the winners fights the winners. So we know who is strongest.”


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